DrDonICFO’s Children Series 1 of 5 ‘Why Kids Need Protection on The Internet’

Children Series 1 of 5 ‘Why Kids Need Protection on The Internet’

Why Kids Need Protection on The Internet. Source: Kapersky’s ‘Internet Safety for Children: Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online. https://www.kaspersky.com/resource-center/preemptive-safety/kids-online-safety

Kaspersky’s Article was the best fit for our research for content that fits our War On Internet Crime Against Our Children On the Internet, you can find information about — and images of — almost anything. However, when it comes to your children’s online activities, you need to make sure they’re protected against contact with undesirable people, inappropriate or harmful content, and malicious software or attacks.

Learning a few online safety tips for kids can help keep them safe.

The Internet is a familiar construct for many people: they witnessed the transition from dial-up modems to cable to broadband and watched as mobile technology swept the globe. Children are now born into an Internet-equipped world — this technology permeates everything they do, from school to home to play, and perpetual connectivity has caused no shortage of alarm for mindful parents. Parents hear about the importance of online safety for kids from multiple sources; the news, for example, is never short on stories involving children and predators on the Web. Anecdotal evidence from other parents and warnings from local law enforcement agencies, meanwhile, contribute to a nagging fear about allowing kids any kind of online access. Statistics from NetSmartz (an online effort by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children), however, bear out the fact that children are online more than ever. Ninety-three percent of kids aged 12 to 17 are online, and 75 percent of the same age group have cell phones. Seventy-three percent of teens have social networking profiles on sites like Facebook, with almost half uploading pictures of themselves.

The Dangers of Internet Use for Kids.

As computers and Internet-connected devices become more common — for work, play, or school assignments — it can become more difficult for parents to protect their children from numerous threats on the Web. There’s a wide range of dangers that can affect kids online.

Contact with undesirable people, including:.

Predators — for example, in social media messages or gaming lobby chat rooms. Cyberbullies — children can be targeted by online bullies, including real-life ones. Phishing scammers — trick your child out of sensitive info about themselves or you.

Inappropriate content, such as:.

Sexually explicit content — notably pornographic images and video. Violent or graphic content — such as gore or acts of assault. Obscene or age-inappropriate content — like foul language or drug and alcohol use. Downloads of pirated materials — including music or video files.

Computer security issues:.

Drive-by downloads — whereby simply visiting a website can result in malicious programs being automatically installed on your child’s computer. Malware infections — can give other people access to your child’s computer. May appear in peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing programs, web links, attachments, and more. Unwanted advertising, pop-ups, and adware programs — are often automatically installed when freeware or shareware programs are downloaded. These can also carry spyware. There’s a real concern around Internet safety for children since they are in many respects savvier than their parents when it comes to the Web. Fortunately, family Internet safety is becoming more of a priority.


Simple headlines obscure the complex realities of abuse, sex work, and the real threats to American children. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/government-did-not-break-up-child-sex-trafficking-ring-georgia_n_5f52b7a1c5b6946f3eb1c5d9

Do You Care About Child Sexual Abuse? [Video] https://drdonysnews.com/caring-about-child-sexual-abuse-exploitation/

Most parents never check their children’s devices https://www.zdnet.com/article/most-parents-never-check-their-childrens-devices/

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