Russia warned the West against cyber attacks and threatened direct military warfare

Russia is saying that western nations like the United States and the UK are launching cyber attacks on its critical infrastructure in the name of “Glory of Ukraine”. The Putin-led nation warned about direct military warfare if the west doesn’t tone down its acts, as it might lead to serious consequences.

As soon as Vladimir Putin started invading Ukraine in the last week of February this year, the entire world, including developed nations such as UK and USA, was against the war. They not only openly confessed their dislike against the act but also pressed sanctions on Russia, which are now struggling to provide even the basic essentials to its populace.

Frequently, Kremlin tried to warn the Biden-led nation against the supply of arms, ammunition, essentials, and financial support to the Zelensky-led nation.

But Biden or its allies, like Boris Johnson, listened to those threats.

In May this year, a hacking group named Anonymous issued a pledge that it will start taking down all the power utilities, water facilities, and nuclear infrastructure in Moscow to create a kind of fear among the Russian public,

Kremlin feels the group is being funded by the West and its only motive is to take down its infrastructure to the core. And if is true, Russian Federation is ready to launch a special military operation on all its adversaries and is ready to fight till it achieves a win.



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